An Easier Way To Navigate A Custom Profile

crazy frogI've seen some pretty cool looking profiles. People have really figured out how to trick out their profile to the point that they look nothing like the default layout. With all the CSS hackery that can be done on a myspace layout, it can be very difficult to find the standard links such as view profile, blog, videos, add to friends, favorites, etc... Enter MyspaceHax. MyspaceHax is a script that you can use to always display the standard profile links at the bottom of the page. It works with firefox's greasemonkey extension. Check it out!

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Create Your Own South Park Avatar

Every wonder what you'd look like as a South Park character? Well now you can find out using this custom South Park character generator. You can select the eyes, ears, jacket, pants, hands, background and more to make South Park character that represents you. What a great idea for your avatar!

Check it out.

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Pimp Your Music With

last fm logoMy ears have been glued to for several weeks now. a great way to discover all sorts of new music based on tags you feed it. I listen to it all day and rarely does play a bad tune. Well you can share your music tastes on your myspace profile using this cool widget that allows you to create a chart of the music you listen to. There are several types of charts including your favorite songs, favorite artists and recently played songs and several skins to choose from as well. Do yourself a favor and check out and then pimp your favorites on your myspace layout. When you sign up add me to your friends.

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Share Your Music With TuneFeed

tunefeed logo
I've been messing around with TuneFeed lately and I'm very impressed how easy TuneFeed makes it to share your mp3 and other music files. All you have to do is upload the files to TuneFeed, create a playlist, and copy a little bit of script into your layout and voila! You can share all of your favorite mp3s on your myspace profile with TuneFeed. The player that it embeds in your profile is nice looking and easy to use. It also supports RSS so your syndicatoin friends can just subscribe to your tune feed and receive updates when you add music. Check it out!

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Remix And Share With YourSpins

yourspins logo is a great website for those of you looking to unleash your inner DJ. Seriously, YourSpins is a site that allows you to select from thousands of mixes, remix them to your hearts content and then share them on Myspace (or any other website for that matter). You can even create ringtones from your remixes. And the interface for remixing is pretty cool allowing you to tweek the songs in some pretty customized ways. Its a blast to use and is totally addictive. Check it out!

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Firefox Extension For Downloading Videos

VideoDownloader is a great firefox extension for downloading videos off Myspace, YouTube, and many other sites that provide embeded video. It works great and makes downloading embeded videos as easy as clicking on a browser button.

Here is the info from the download page:

Download videos from Youtube, Google, Metacafe, iFilm, Dailymotion... and other 60+ video sites ! And all embedded objects on a webpage (movies, mp3s, flash, quicktime, etc) ! Directly !

VideoDownloader add a small icon on the status bar at the bottom of your firefox window, and a toolbar button. Just click that and download the video you are watching !

For a example of what this Add-on has to offer, visit the following...

Sites supported:
Youtube, Google Video, iFilm, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Myspace, Angry Alien, AnimeEpisodes.Net, Badjojo, Blastro, Blennus,, Bofunk, Bolt,, Castpost, CollegeHumor, Current TV, Dachix, Danerd,, DevilDucky, Double Agent, eVideoShare, EVTV1, FindVideos, Free Video Blog, Grinvi, Grouper, Hiphopdeal, Kontraband, Lulu TV,,,, MySpace Video Code, Newgrounds, NothingToxic, PcPlanets, Pixparty, PlsThx, Putfile, Revver, Sharkle, SmitHappens, StreetFire, That Video Site, TotallyCrap, VideoCodes4U, VideoCodesWorld, VideoCodeZone, vidiLife, Vimeo, vSocial, Yikers, ZippyVideos... and any other webpage with embedded objects.

Check it out!

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Another Great Myspace Tracker

the bounty hunterMSTracker is another great myspace tracker. Its cool because it allows you to display stats about your profile visitors on your profile. It even displays your visitors' avatar so that you can see a picture of your visitors. This should be a feature that myspace offers by default and I would not be suprised if they eventually do offer something like it. Check it out! (via widgetoko)

On another note, many of us have sort of a love hate relationship with Myspace. If you fall into this category, here is a shirt you must have!

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Download Any Song On Myspace Using XML

Tech Recipes has posted another hack to download any song on Myspace. It requires a little XML trickery, but works quite well for downloading streaming music on myspace in mp3 format. Here is a more automated approach to the same technique which worked intermitently for me. I'm sure that eventually Myspace will block this hack, but for now it works great! This is a great way to find mp3s to put on your new iPod Nano.
Get the hack here!

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FavoriteThingz Gets An Upgrade

FavoriteThingz, a widget that allows you to make money on your Myspace profile just released some great new features to their already delicious widget! Some of the new features include the ability to have multiple badges so you can pimp your favorite music and your favorite web sites, and a "thingz sorter". Here is the official bulletin that FavoriteThingz posted:


That's right BIG.
First off, thank you all for trying out FavoriteThingz and showing off your favorite stuff in one of our badges. We're doing all we can to help you earn cash by showing off your favorite items, brands, celebrities and bands.

We've made some major changes to the site, and now allow you to create as many badges as you'd like in your account. That's right, create as many badges as you want, and have them all right there at the ready on your account dashboard page. Make a badge dedicated to just music, or just movies... style each of them to look different from each other and give them unique names to organize them.
Go crazy!

We've also introduced a "thingz sorter" so you can drag and drop all of your favorite thingz to have them appear in any order you wish.

Check it out!

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Myspace Black Carpet Screenings

myspace black carpet screeningsIf you are a big movie buff then you will want to get in on a new service that Myspace is offering called Myspace Black Carpet Screenings. The way it works is that you add the Black Carpet Screenings to your friends and you will begin to receive exclusive screening offers for new movies. Myspace Black Carpet Screenings is available in 25 cities and 6 countries. Check it out!

(via mashable)

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Myspace Toolbar

I recently received a tip about another great Myspace called Toolbar MS. I've been playing with it for a while and it is pretty handy. Here is the info from the firefox add ons page:

ToolbarMS is a Firefox toolbar created to provide a quick navigation menuing system for the MySpace website. It not only provides quick links to the most popular features of MySpace but also has a dynamic menuing system that can expand and adapt as MySpace changes.

Read more about it here and download it here. And if you don't have firefox yet, stop reading this and download it here!

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Customyzer Myspace Layout Editor

Customyzer is a super slick myspace layout editor. It allows you to customize various visual aspects of your profile including backgrounds and fonts and even has a way to encorporate add ons into your profile. Customyzer has a "classic editor" and a "interactive editor". The interface for the interactive editor is what sets Customyzer apart from the five gazillion other layout editors out there. It is easy to use, providing an interactive (see WYSIWYG) view of your profile. Customyzer is just starting out and I'm excited to see where they take it. My wishlist for Cusomyzer is more add ons and more control over the behaviour and positioning of the various profile components (i.e. friends list, messages, etc...). Check it out!

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Resize Myspace Images Online

Here's a quick post to let you know about a cool little tool for easily resizing your images online without having to install any software on your computer. Its called Shrink Pictures and its completely free. Check it out!

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Broadtexter Connects Musicians With Fans

Broadtexter has created a widget for Myspace that musicians can post on their profile allowing fans to sign up for text message alerts. Musicians can then broadcast alerts to their fans from a cell phone. This would be an invaluable tool for a band that is out on the road touring to stay connected to their fan base. It can be a full time job for musicians to stay connected with their fans on MySpace. All the networking and adding of friends, blogging and bulletin posting can be extremely time consuming. Here is the info from Broadtexter's website:

Sometimes you can't get to a computer when you're on the road. Broadtexter allows you to send REGIONALIZED text alerts right from your mobile phone (and your fans NEVER see your phone number)!

If your average concert ticket is $8, you only need Broadtexter text alerts to bring in 2 additional fans per month to your shows and this service pays for itself.
Customizing the Fan Module is so easy (view examples). We're developing a variety of module styles so check back frequently (you'll be able to switch styles at any muss, no fuss!).

Send alerts to all your fans at one time!...WAY easier than sending 10-at-a-time from your phone (and of course, you'd have to collect all your fan's mobile numbers manually AND give away your mobile number).

MORE: View all your subscriber data by region, choose to receive e-mails when new fans subscribe, and receive subscriber stats anytime right on your mobile phone...

(via mashable)
Check it out!

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Cool Text Generator

I'm such a sucker for a good text generator. Its not what you say but how you say it! I found this really cool sign generator for myspace that generates text from flickr photographs of letters. It reminds me of a digital version of a ransom note. Check out out!

Also, here is a little tidbit for those of you who browse myspace on your cell phone or mobile device that only has a 10 key pad. You can get to myspace by going to which is much easier to type on a standard cell phone keypad.

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MySpace Browser for Mac OS X

This one is for my fellow Mac fans out there. Spyder is a newly released Myspace browser written for Mac OS X 10.4. I've been playing around with the trial and it looks like an app with huge potential. It makes it very easy to access all of your friends and it caches all of their avatars which makes it 100 times faster than searching through your friends on Myspace. Spyder also makes it very easy to send messages and add people to your friends list. You can even manage multiple myspace accounts with Spyder.

The only thing that I'd change about it is that I'd lower the price which is currently $40. On the other hand, the trial will get you pretty far. I wouldn't be suprised if Spyder becomes an all in one social browsing application that manages your accounts on many different social apps. Here is the info from Spyder's website:

Spyder makes it easy to keep in touch with your friends or fan-base by message or comment. Add as many friends as you want, Spyder allows you to send friend requests too.

Organize your friends or other users the way you want. Use the friends view to quickly scan for users by picture if your better at faces not names.

Spyder also helps you manage all your accounts, whether you have just a personal account or an additional band or business account you can easily switch between your different accounts in Spyder. And for people that remember faces better than names Spyder downloads users pictures automatically.

Check it out!

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Tattoo Generator

crusty demons
Ever wonder what your name would look like as a tattoo on some hot chick? Well now you can find out with the Crusty Demons Tattoo Generator. You can use the generator to create images and wallpapers of cute tattood girls from some templates and your own customized wording. Crusty Demons is a video game that from the looks of the site looks like a pretty cool FPS. Regardless of the game, the tattoo generator is cool and would be a great way to write a message to someone on myspace. Check it out!

myspace hacks tattoo

Also, congrats to ForBiddeN (aka Christine Dolce)on her Playboy feature. The age of the Myspace celebrity is here.

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Simpsons Season Premiere On Myspace

You can catch the first seven minutes of the season premier of The Simpsons on myspace. We are about to see alot more of this type of thing where television and movie corporations offer free stuff on myspace to promote upcoming events. I say bring on the myspace schwag! Check it out!
the simpsons season premiere poster

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A Widget To Answer All Questions

answer bag logo
Finally, a widget has come about which will answer all of life's questions. Well maybe not all of them but many of them anyway. The makers of AnswerBag have just released a widget that you can display on your myspace profile which allows you to ask it questions. Then it submits your question to other users and you get an answer back. You must answer a question in order to be able to ask a question. Its a pretty cool concept and a great way to easily poll random people. Check it out!

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Add Bubble Captions To Photos With Bubblesnap

Craig over at Bubblesnaps just tipped me off about his application that allows you to easily add bubble captions to photos. Now that I've played with it a little bit, I realize all the times that I could've made photos twice as funny with a caption. Bubblesnaps lets you add bubbles that pop up over your photos when somebody clicks on them (think vh1 popup video). Check it out!

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See Who Is Viewing Your Profile

trakzor logo

trakzorTrakzor just released version 2.0 of their application for tracking your myspace profile views. Trakzor gives you tons of statistics about your visitors so you can know exactly who is browsing your profile. It works well and is a great way to tell who is scoping out you out. Check it out!

(via widgetoko)

Trakzor is a community driven MySpace Tracker that is available to anyone and everyone on MySpace. Installation is free and easy. You can be up and tracking your profile guests in minutes!

All you have to do is place an image on your MySpace profile, accompanied by a link or two, and you're good to go. You'll be able to see when someone visits your profile, where they are from, and if that person has already registered at Trakzor, you'll be able to identify that person specifically!

So, spread the word and make sure all your friends are using Trakzor too!

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Myspace Image Hosting

camera photograph
Finding a place to put all of your images can be a pain, especially if you have a ton of them. Myspace has gotten alot better about allowing you to upload more images to your profile, but for the hardcore Myspacer it isn't nearly enough. Here is a roundup of free services you can use to upload and share your images on Myspace:

Flickr is my personal favorite service for organizing and sharing all of my photos. You can create a free account to upload your photos and then link to or display them on Myspace.

photobucket logo

Photobucket is another great image hosting service that also offers a free version. You can upload on Gigabyte of photos for free which is far more than the average person could ever use.

image shack logo

ImageShack is a photo hosting service that has a toolbar you can embed in your browser for easy sharing and uploading.

Webshots is back and I've heard that their new and improved web 2.0 version is great. It too has a free version thaty you can use to share your images. logo also offer up to one Gigabyte of free hosting. has a tool that makes it super easy to upload and get the code to embed in your profile.

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Browse Myspace Privately

browzar logo
Sometimes its necessary to be a little discreet when browsing myspace. You don't always want the world to know how much time you are spending or what profiles you are looking at on myspace. Some people really like to snoop, checking your browsing history and other bits of information that most browsers keep scary logs of. Well I found this great new browser called Browzar that caches nothing and keeps all the information about the sites you browse with it completely private. It's super lightweight (only 264 kb) and you don't have to install it to use it.

browzar screenshot

Here is the information from Browzar's website:

With Browzar you can search and surf the web without leaving any visible trace on the computer you are using.

Browzar is free, it only takes seconds to download and you don’t even need to install it, so you can download Browzar time and time again, whenever and wherever you need it to protect your privacy.

* No browsing history, stored files, or cookies
* No embarrassing search auto-complete
* No installation. Just click ‘run’ and go
* No registration required

The freedom to surf the web with complete privacy
Browzar doesn’t do web cache, web history, cookies or auto-complete. We promise that your business stays your business.

The freedom to use it wherever you are
Browzar only takes seconds to download. Use it at home, at your friend’s, at work, in an Internet café, in fact anywhere you’ve got a computer and an internet connection.

The freedom to search for whatever you want
Browzar doesn’t remember what you search for and won’t embarrassingly auto-complete what you’ve searched for in the past.

The freedom to use it whenever you want
Using Browzar doesn’t involve commitment. Use it once a year, once a week or everyday, it’s up to you. It's free to download and use Browzar as many times as you like.

Get it here
(via lifehacker)

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Myspace Widgets

I've seen so many killer myspace widgets lately. Widgets are allowing people to really trick out their layout and connect to friends better. I thought that it'd be a good idea to do a myspace widget roundup post. If you know of any cool myspace widgets that I've missed let me know! The following is a list of all my current favorite widgets in no particular order:

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