Greasemonkey Custom Style Remover

grease monkeyLet's face it, some layouts are just hideous! Some people judge the coolness of their profile based upon the amount of glitter, fonts, backgrounds and animated gifs they can cram in. I can't count how many times I've had a myspace profile crash my browser. For those profiles, there is the Greasemonkey Custom Style Remover. Greasemonkey is a plugin for firefox that allows you to apply custom dhtml code to a page. For the cooler profiles that you still want to view but have a hard time navigating there is this script, but for the downright hideous profile, just go straight for the Greasemonkey Custom Style Remover!


  • I use MySpace Toolbar Ultimate ( to keep my browser from exploding when people cram their profiles full of useless junk, since it has a SIMPLIFY option that kills any image above a certain size, and disables javascript - Seriously people, stop doing this!

    By Blogger Clay Darby, at 8:56 PM  

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