Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy Debuts on Myspace

Guns N' Roses debuted their new album Chinese Democracy on MySpace today. The album took fifteen years to make. You can listen to the entire album for free on GNR's myspace page. You will be able to buy the album this Saturday at Best Buy.

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Check out friend adder bot Friend Blaster Pro

Some Myspace whoreage here. If you are looking to promote your cause on Myspace and want to have a shitton of friends, check out Friend Blaster Pro. Friend Blaster Pro allows you to target different myspace users based on age, location and interests. They've got a trial as well as a full version. Check it out!

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Myspace Playlist

One of the coolest features of the new myspace music is the ability to create playlists and share them on your profile. If you haven't already been using them, check it out. Click on the music tab from your home page and then select my music. You can create a playlist with pretty much any song that you can think of and share it with your friends.

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Find Your Friends on MySpace

MySpace just launched a "people you may know" tool that suggests friends based on people that are in your existing friends lists. It works very well and accurately found people that I know.

Check it out the People You May Know friend finder

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Myspace Music

Myspace is rolling out some super cool new features to their music service. I've been using Myspace Music lately to discover new bands. You can go there and stream songs and videos and get the buzz on the coolest new musicians. Soon you will be able to stream any song from your favorite artist on your profile as well as purchase concert tickets and albums. Check out this article to learn more about the Myspace Music Service.

myspace music

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Pocket Emo Generator

Everybody needs a little pocket emo on their myspace profile. Once you head over to this site and create your own custom emo you can put him on your profile and give him a diary, let him listen to music and much more. Check it out! (via)

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Get killer layouts at WhateverLife

WhateverLife is a great website for finding free layouts, graphics, tutorials, videos and a ton of other great Myspace stuff. If your profile needs some pimping out then check out WhateverLife.

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