Post Picture Messages With Nakama

Nakama, a new service for posting cell phone photos to your myspace (or any other blog, social network, or webpage) just launched. Nakama allows you to post audio clips, videos and photos via your cameraphone from anywhere that your phone has service. One thing that is cool is that you can view the most active videos and photos on Nakama's website so if you have cool photos, you can use them to attract visitors to your myspace. There are other websites out there that offer similar services including Broadtexter, BuddyPing, TextForFree and Abazab so be sure to shop around. Here is the info from Nakama's webite:

Set your phone free! Take pictures or videos from your phone and publish them straight to your blog, Flickr gallery, even your MySpace or MSN Spaces page. You can also look at your friends' stuff on your phone... so you don't have to wait to get home to check out what everyone's up to... their pics and videos are always there waiting for you.

Nakama's about expressing yourself, connecting with your friends, and just plain keeping entertained with all the cool stuff out there.

(via mashable)


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