Myspace Games

Gaming is becoming more and more popular on Myspace. Sure you can't play Doom III, Halo or World of Warcraft, but there are tons of light weight flash games to waste the hours away on. All the old school greats are available, plus many popular board and card games and even some new stuff. A while back I wrote about embedding old school games such as Pacman in your profile. Here are some more resources for playing games on Myspace: is Myspace's stab at providing games for users. Here you will find hundreds of flash games. Way to go Myspace! The only drag about Myspace games is that it is butt slow loading.

Flashteroids is now available as a little widget that you can embed in your profile. (via mashable) has tons of flash games for your profile. Whats cool about Bunchball is that it has alot of multiplayer games including my personal favorite, frogger evil edition. (via myspaceismyplace)


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