Graffiti Myspace

All you wanna be taggers out there listen up: Found this killer graffiti designer that you can use to design your own tags and then post them on myspace. You can say anything that you want and customize it so its your own creation. This is great for tricking out your profile or just leaving comments. Its easy to use but be careful, its pretty addictive.

Check it out at!

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Add Maps To Your MySpace Profile

Say your having a party and you want to provide a map so people can find you. You want to invite your Myspace friends. Why not add a map to your profile? Myspace doesn't provide a way to do this but this site does. You can start creating your map here or follow this step by step tutorial and paste the html code into the "about me" portion of your profile. You will now have a nice little google map to your party for the world to see on your profile, pretty cool if I do say so myself!

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Myspace Search Widget

For those of you out there who are lucky enough to use a Mac instead of Windows, you'll be happy to know that there is a nifty little dashboard widget that lets you search for friends on Myspace. I've played with it some and it makes finding people much more convenient. If you are not lucky enough to own a Mac, go get one! Get the Myspace Search Widget for OS X here.

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See Your Myspace Friends On A Map

Here is a great new way of viewing your Myspace friends on a map. All you have to do is go to Frappr and enter your Myspace username and viola, all of your friends are shown to you on a map. You can save the map and display it on your profile. This is so much better than the standard way that Myspace gives you to display your friends list. Give it a try, it takes no time and it looks pretty cool!

myspace frappr map

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