Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! This blog celebrates its first birthday today having proudly served up 690,000 pages in 2006. Myspace Hacks was also featured in the August edition of Wired Magazine! Thanks for taking the time to read the site, hopefully you will find some useful stuff. We will keep pumping out the goods in 2007, but we thought you'd enjoy these best of 2006 lists:

Best Hacks:
How To Use Myspace If Your School Or Work Blocks Access
How To Create An Animated Avatar For Myspace
Firefox Extension For Downloading Videos
Download Any Song On Myspace
Browse Myspace Discreetly
Stream Radio On Your Profile

Best Widgets:
Zing Fu
Poll Pub
Snap Vine
Rock You
Your Spins
My Chingo
We Love Widgets Horoscope Widget
Clock Link

Best Generators:
Geo Text Generator
ASCII Art Image Generator
Steven Colbert You're On Notice Sign Generator
Flickr Text Generator
Tattoo Generator
Scrolling LED Sign Generator
Spelling With Zombies
Graffiti Generator

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Make Your Photos Look Goofy With PikiPimp

We've all done it... Doctored up a picture of our friends so that they look funny. Maybe give them some extra hair or paste their head on somebody else's body. Wel PikiPimp makes the process of making somebody look goofy very fun and easy. All you do is upload your photo and then PikiPimp provides you with all the tools you need to turn your friends into the goofy bastards you know they can be. Check it out!

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60 Websites For Myspace

Just a quick little post about a great collection of myspace links over at Make Use Of blog. Check out 60 Tools and Websites for Myspace Users. And yes, Myspace Hacks made the list (thanks guys!).

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Check Out TourMapper

Tracy from Platial.com recently told me about a TourMapper, a Myspace widget that displays a cool map of a band's tour. It uses a Yahoo! map to trace the route that the band is taking and displays information about each of the stops on the tour. This is a great way for a band to keep their audience informed or for fans to spread the word. You can see what it looks like below. Check it out!

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