Use Badgr To Display Your Flickr Images

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I just discovered this great new app called Badgr you can use to display your flickr photos on your profile. I love Badgr because it has a slick flash layout and provides tons of customization options. I wrote an article a while back about how to post your flickr photos on your profile and Badgr takes that idea to the next level. Badgr allows you to display certain sets of photos, your favorite photos, photos by tags, groups of photos and more. It also allows you to customize the way it displays the photos.

Now I know that Myspace has just released its own slideshow utility. To be honest, I was pretty unimpressed with it. It has very few customization options and it doesn't allow you to pick and choose from your Myspace photos.

There are tons of apps out there right now for sharing your photos on Myspace and they all have pros and cons but Badgr ranks pretty high up there in my book! Check it out!


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