New Voice Comments Widget

MyChingo, a service that just launched allows your friends to leave mp3 voice comments on your profile. MyChingo comes packaged in a nice little customizable widget that you can embed in your layout. Voice comments are such an awesome way to trick out your profile. Snapvine, Supcast, and SayNow offer similar services and I don't think that any one service has emerged as the top dog in the voice comments arena. I do love the look and ease of use of the MyChingo widget and I like that it has a free version that allows visitors to leave two minute messages. For $3.95 per month you can upgrade your account to a version that allows visitors to leave messages up to 30 minutes long. You can see MyChingo in action here. Check it out!

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Display Music You Are Listening To On Your Profile

sigamp logo
Here is a great little widget that you can paste into your layout that allows you to display the music that you are listening to on your Myspace profile. Its called SIGamp and its compatible with Itunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, Rhapsody, Foobar2000 and Yahoo Music Engine. Just make sure that you are listening to cool tunes and none of your in the closet Britney Spears stuff... and don't act like you don't know what I mean, everyone does it! Here is the info from Sigamp's website:

SIGamp is a plugin that will display information such as what song, artist, or album you are listening to with your favorite media player inside an image that you can display anywhere you want. You can put it on your website, in your e-mails, or as a signature on a forum. You can use SIGamp styles or create your own for an even more personal look.

Check it out!

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Add A Clock To Your Profile

Clock Link Logo
Ever wonder how much time you are actually wasting on Myspace? Me neither! But if you want to add a really cool looking clock to your layout then check out ClockLink. They've got tons of killer clock widgets that you can embed in your profile.

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Myspace Games

Gaming is becoming more and more popular on Myspace. Sure you can't play Doom III, Halo or World of Warcraft, but there are tons of light weight flash games to waste the hours away on. All the old school greats are available, plus many popular board and card games and even some new stuff. A while back I wrote about embedding old school games such as Pacman in your profile. Here are some more resources for playing games on Myspace: is Myspace's stab at providing games for users. Here you will find hundreds of flash games. Way to go Myspace! The only drag about Myspace games is that it is butt slow loading.

Flashteroids is now available as a little widget that you can embed in your profile. (via mashable) has tons of flash games for your profile. Whats cool about Bunchball is that it has alot of multiplayer games including my personal favorite, frogger evil edition. (via myspaceismyplace)

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Create A 3D Avatar

The single most important part of any myspace profile is your avatar. Not only do people see your avatar on your layout but they also see it next to any comment that you leave and on all of your friends' lists. I recently wrote about how to create an animated avatar which is pretty cool, but here is another idea for your avatar. Using this website called Meez you can create a 3D rendered avatar of yourself. You can customize everything about your avatar from hair to clothing to eye color, background, facial features and more. Its easy to use and rather addicting, check it out!

(via mashable)

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Create A Poll For Myspace

Pollpub is a great widget for creating polls on Myspace. Its free to use and you can create your own polls from scratch or post existing polls on your myspace profile. You can even win prizes for creating popular polls. Here is the skinny from the horses mouth:

What does PollPub do?

Create your own free polls and contests with PollPub! Post free public polls and view opinions from around the world! Or, post a private poll and select who views and who votes! PollPub also lets you add polls and run contests from your blog, myspace page or website.
What can PollPub do for you?

PollPub lets your voice be heard! Vote and find out how popular your opinion is or isn’t. Bored? View interesting polls, enter contests, win stuff! PollPub hosts contests and so can you! Get PollPub for your website, myspace page, or blog.

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ZingFu Your Myspace Layout

Found this great new widget called ZingFu that is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Remember when you were a little kid and you'd go to the carnival and they had those silly scenes with holes cut out where you could stick your face and have your picture taken? Well ZingFu is the digital version of that. This is a great way to make fun of your friends by posting goofy pics of them in their comments. I can't decide between the George W, Napoleon Dynamite, or Snakes On A Plane to put on my profile. I had a good laugh and wasted entirely too much time on this one, check it out!

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Podcast On Myspace

My favorite podcast site Odeo has just released an mp3 player widget that you can embed in your Myspace profile and share your favorite podcasts. All you have to do is browse to a podcast you like and select the "put on your site" link to get the code to embed in your profile. If you are a hardcore podcaster you can also use Odeo to both create and share your podcasts. The player is pretty slick looking and has several different skins for you to choose from and you can also select from several different colors for each skin. Check it out!

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Spelling With Zombies

spelling with zombies header
If you've ever wanted to use zombies to spell stuff on your profile, here's your chance. Using Flickr and a little bit of hackery this guy created a site where you can spell words with zombies and add them to your myspace layout. Check it out!

(via boingboing)

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How To Create An Animated Avatar For Myspace

Animated Avatars can be pretty dang hilarious, especially if you know how to make a bunch of funny faces. I'm starting to see them more and more on Myspace. One of my favorite websites, has an excellent tutorial for creating animated avatars for your myspace layout. The tutorial uses free software apps, namely GIMP and Movie Snapshot which are both essential tools to the hardcore Myspacer anyway.

So check it out!

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Browse Myspace Faster

browster logo
Sometimes it can take years to download a user's entire profile, especially if they have a really sophisticated layout or if they have tons of comments and pictures. Most times I just want to get the basic information about a user to decide if I want to add them to my friends list. Enter Browster 2.0.

Browster is a little browser extension available for Internet Explorer and Firefox that allows you to preview a profile before you visit it. All you have to do is hover over the link to the profile and it pops up a window with preview information including pictures, basic profile information and music player for musician profiles. Browster allows you to surf Myspace a hundred times faster. Browster will work with any website that you visit but seems especially well suited for Myspace. Usually I'm not a big fan of "web optimizer" type apps because they ultimately slow things down but Browster really does make browsing Myspace alot more efficient. Check it out!

browster screenshot

(via mashable)

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Use Badgr To Display Your Flickr Images

badgr logo
I just discovered this great new app called Badgr you can use to display your flickr photos on your profile. I love Badgr because it has a slick flash layout and provides tons of customization options. I wrote an article a while back about how to post your flickr photos on your profile and Badgr takes that idea to the next level. Badgr allows you to display certain sets of photos, your favorite photos, photos by tags, groups of photos and more. It also allows you to customize the way it displays the photos.

Now I know that Myspace has just released its own slideshow utility. To be honest, I was pretty unimpressed with it. It has very few customization options and it doesn't allow you to pick and choose from your Myspace photos.

There are tons of apps out there right now for sharing your photos on Myspace and they all have pros and cons but Badgr ranks pretty high up there in my book! Check it out!

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MySpace Cell Phone

helio logo
If you haven't already checked out the MySpace cell phone Helio, prepare to be impressed. The Helio has complete MySpace integration allowing you access to all your MySpace functionality including posting photos, accessing your friends profiles, searching for new friends, posting messages, reading and sending mail and for the most part anything else you can do on MySpace. Its also cool because you can get the service without a contract using this promotion. Here is the 411 from Helio's website:

Away from your PC but want to stay connected to your friends? Only MySpace on Helio lets you post photo bulletins directly from your Helio device, compose MySpace Mail, view your friends’ pages, post comments and add new friends when you’re out on the town.

MySpace integration isn't the only feature that Helio offers, it also lets you surf the web, stream audio and video, play mp3s (70mb memory), take photos (4x zoom, 2 megapixels) play games, get news feeds and.... Make phone calls!

helio screenshot

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Earn Money On Myspace!

favorite thingz logo
Favorite Thingz, a service that allows you to make money by recommending products to people, launched today. All you have to do is go to and create a badge which shows off your favorite products and then paste a piece of code into your profile that displays your badge. When people click on the links in your badge, you make money! It works sorta like Style Feeder except its less of a wishlist and more of a suggestive marketing service.

favorite thinz

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Add A Wishlist To Your Profile

Style Feeder Logo
Found this great app called Style Feeder which allows you to track all of your wishlist items that you find all over the web. Style Feeder is also a pretty cool way to find cool new products because it lets you see the popular items that other users have submitted. Here is the 411 from the website:

StyleFeeder lets you find, share and keep track of the cool products you find online. You can make visual bookmarks, browse other people's lists, and never lose track of the things you want to buy.

They've created a Myspace badge that allows you to encorporate your wishlist items into your myspace layout. So next time your friends see the myspace new birthdays icon icon, they can browse over to your profile and select the perfect gift for you from your Style Feeder widget.

Get it here!

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MySpace At Work And School

work friendly logo
It just occured to me that there might be certain situations where its not too copasetic to surf Myspace such as work or school. I found this cool proxy app called work FRIENDLY which will take any web address and convert it into a format that looks like Microsoft Word. Its even got a "boss key" that you can put your mouse over to quickly switch to an article about getting things done. So stay under the radar and check it out!

As a side note, I'm not advocating slacking or surfing Myspace at work!

Here is my "work friendly" myspace profile:

myspace workfriendly screenshot

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Add Your Horoscope To Your Profile

Here is something for all the astrology hippies out there. Found this great widget made by the folks at We Love Widgets that lets you embed your horoscope in your myspace profile . Its so easy to use that you don't even have to copy any script into your layout (although you can if you want to). You just enter your birthday, your credentials and the section you want the script to appear in and it automatically adds the widget to your profile.

Check it out!

myspace horoscope widget

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