Broadtexter Connects Musicians With Fans

Broadtexter has created a widget for Myspace that musicians can post on their profile allowing fans to sign up for text message alerts. Musicians can then broadcast alerts to their fans from a cell phone. This would be an invaluable tool for a band that is out on the road touring to stay connected to their fan base. It can be a full time job for musicians to stay connected with their fans on MySpace. All the networking and adding of friends, blogging and bulletin posting can be extremely time consuming. Here is the info from Broadtexter's website:

Sometimes you can't get to a computer when you're on the road. Broadtexter allows you to send REGIONALIZED text alerts right from your mobile phone (and your fans NEVER see your phone number)!

If your average concert ticket is $8, you only need Broadtexter text alerts to bring in 2 additional fans per month to your shows and this service pays for itself.
Customizing the Fan Module is so easy (view examples). We're developing a variety of module styles so check back frequently (you'll be able to switch styles at any muss, no fuss!).

Send alerts to all your fans at one time!...WAY easier than sending 10-at-a-time from your phone (and of course, you'd have to collect all your fan's mobile numbers manually AND give away your mobile number).

MORE: View all your subscriber data by region, choose to receive e-mails when new fans subscribe, and receive subscriber stats anytime right on your mobile phone...

(via mashable)
Check it out!


  • Thanks for the write-up! One particularly cool feature I would like to highlight is that Broadtexter solves the problem of sending REGIONALIZED text messages to fans...RIGHT FROM A CELL PHONE (because sometimes an artist just can't get to a computer between gigs). Broadtexter’s unique regional text alert feature gives musicians tremendous power when it comes to touring and promotion. Enabling bands to remind fans in a specific area about a specific show the day-of a show has had proven results that our users have truly praised us for. Thanks! - The Broadtexter Team

    By Anonymous Broadtexter Team, at 5:45 AM  

  • Not sure who would go with these guys when the company FanBridge offers both email and mobile for free from one account? Hmmm...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:52 PM  

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