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pyzam logoI don't usually write about myspace schwag sites, but pYzam.com has some excellent flash toys for pimping out your profile. Of the 5 gazillion myspace schwag sites yout there, pYzam is one of the better ones. Here are some cool flash toys that I found:

Picture Drawer: think of this as a digital version of scribbling on a picture. Anybody that visits your profile can scribble on it.

Fridge Magnets: You can enjoy all the fun refridgerator magnets have to offer on your profile.

P.O.N.G. Rock it old school with good ol' PONG

Memory: A fun and addictive game to help you dust off those brain cells

pYzam also has tons of video codes, images, glitter, games, slideshows, pranks and layouts so check them out!


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