Posting Cell Phone Photos

Check out this widget that you can use to easily post your cell phone photos to Myspace. What you do is set up an account on Fotodunk and copy and paste a little script into your profile. Then whenever you want to post a cell phone picture on your profile all you have to do is send a picture message and Fotodunk will post the photo on your profile. Check it out!

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Add Voice Comments

snapvine logo

The folks over at Snapvine have come up with this sweet MySpace add on that allows you to add voice comments to your profile. Your friends can visit your profile and leave a voice comment or listen to comments other friends have left in the same way that they leave text comments. Very cool!

As an aside, Snapvine offers some really cool service for your cell phone such as wake up calls, voice mail messages, and a ton of hilarious premade message calls that you can send to anybody. My favorite is The Breakup Bitch for people who are too spineless to break up with their significant other in person.

Get the Snapvine voice comments widget for Myspace here.

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A Better Way To Manage Friends & Comments

It can be a pain to manage your Myspace friends, especially if you have alot of them. If you have more than a hundred friends you can spend a ton of time hunting through your friends list to find one of them when you want to send a message. And if you ever want to find a message that you sent in the past, forget it! Thats where MyWhatSpace comes in handy. MyWhatSpace is a little app that allows you to group your friends and send messages to them (either to the entire group or a single friend) and it keeps track of the messages you've sent so you can go over them. Here is the info from their website:

MyWhatSpace is simply a free tool that allows you to send comments or messages to as many of your myspace friends as you want, at the same time. No more staying up until indecent hours of the night trying to write a message to every last one of your friends, thats not cool. You can even create groups of friends like 'friends in town', 'friends out of town', 'poker buddies', '3am drunk diles'...anything! It really does make life a lot easier, so enjoy.

So check it out!

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Rock You Slideshow

rock you myspace slideshow viewer logo
I've been playing around with Rock You slideshow viewer lately and am loving it. It allows you to easily load all of your Myspace and Photobucket photos and then create some really cool flash slide shows. Rock You gives you the ability to tag and categorize your slideshows and also allows you to view/rate other people's slideshows. I recently reviewed Slide which is another great slideshow widget that offers different layout options for slideshows than Rock You so check them both out!

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Welcome Wired Magazine Readers

Myspace Hacks is featured in the August issue of Wired Magazine! They approached me back in May to be their "expert consultant" for the Myspace portion of their How To: The Wired Guide issue. The guide features a hilarious short article by Steven Colbert called Be An Expert On Anything. Colbert also appears on the cover "hacking" an iPod. By the way I think this is my favorite Wired Magazine cover of all time!

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Check Out Supcast

supcast logo
I recently stumbled upon this great app called Supcast that you can use to help you stay connected to Myspace even when you are away from the computer. Supcast allows you to post messages, photos and audio on your profile through text messaging form your cell phone. According to you can use Supcast to:
  • Post Voice, Text, or Picture Messages to your MySpace or Blog from ANY cell phone!
  • Stay in touch with your friends, on or offline.
  • Get a message to all of your friends with just one call or text
  • Get News and Messages from your Friends while you're on the go
Supcast is completely free to use, so check it out!

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Killer New Myspace Layout Editor

Found this new Myspace layout editor called JX Myspace Editor that allows you to effortlessly design your profile layouts using your own custom colors, fonts, and backgrounds. With a really nice "what you see is what you get" interface that provides instant feedback, it is very easy to use. If you want to create a fully customized profile and don't want to mess with the code, then check it out!

Also, check out this random pic that has nothing to do with this post except that it is cool:

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Get Connected With Buddy Ping

Its Friday nite and you want to know where the action is. You don't want to have to call everybody and see what they are up to, you just want to see where they are all at so you can join in on the action. Enter Buddy Ping. All you have to do is text message your location to Buddy Ping and they will let you know about all the hot spots in your area where your friends are partying. What is even better is that you can show your location on your MySpace profile. This way your MySpace friends can also get in on the action and join the party. Get it here!

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Add A Slide Show To Your Profile

slide logo
Adding a slide show to your profile has never been easier using this tool provided by You can easily create killer flash slide shows that are completely customized to your liking. You can even use your flickr or photobucket photos to create a slideshow. Check it out!

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Add More Cute Stuff To Your Profile

This hack is primarily for the ladies. Is your profile short on cute stuff? Well the folks over at have just what you need. They've created the CuteCaps mini widget which is basically a little box that displays cute stuff on your profile. Here is what it looks like:

Get the html code here and then paste it into either the "People I'd Like To Meet" or the "About Me" portion of your profile. You know there is no such thing as too much cuteness!

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Streaming Radio On Your Profile

I have musical ADD. I can't listen to the same song twice and alot of times I can't even get through a single song. It bugs the hell out of me when I visit my friends' profiles and hear the same song over and over again. One way to solve that problem is to add a radio station to your profile. I just added a stream of one of my favorite online radio stations, KEXP to my profile. KEXP almost never plays the same song twice which takes care of my musical ADD problem. You can get scripts to stream radio on your profile for almost any style of music over at

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