Pocket Emo Generator

Everybody needs a little pocket emo on their myspace profile. Once you head over to this site and create your own custom emo you can put him on your profile and give him a diary, let him listen to music and much more. Check it out! (via)

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Get killer layouts at WhateverLife

WhateverLife is a great website for finding free layouts, graphics, tutorials, videos and a ton of other great Myspace stuff. If your profile needs some pimping out then check out WhateverLife.

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Check Out Where I've Been

Where I've Been is a sweet map widget that allows you to pimp all of the places you've been and showcase where you'd like to go. Its slick looking and chock-full of functionality. If you are looking for a killer map widget for your Myspace profile then check out Where I've Been!

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Google + DivShare = Free Music And Videos

The great tech tip blog Tech-Recipes has a great hack for using Google to the file upload service divShare for free stuff.  I've been using this hack on a daily basis to find tons of free media.  Check it out!

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