Viewing Hidden Comments and Friend Lists

Many MySpacers try to hide their comments and friend lists. I'm not sure why because this defeats the purpose of using MySpace to begin with. Perhaps they want to remain anonymous and still comment on other people's MySpace. At any rate, there is a way to view them even if they are hidden. To do so, check out these simple instructions.

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How To Use MySpace If Your School Or Work Blocks Access

Many schools and other institutions have blocked access to MySpace because they believe that MySpace is bad. Well, the Internet is a democracy and you have the right to view any website you want. If your school or work has blocked MySpace, don't worry because there are ways to easily get around it. To access MySpace from a blocked location, try one of the following:

  • Setup an SSH Tunnel.

  • Use Google Translator.

  • Use a Proxy. A proxy allows you to view a site without the network being aware that you are viewing the site. There are many proxy services out there, just do a google search for proxy to find them. I've had the best luck with the following:

  • Access MySpace through Google's cache. Go to and do a search for Google will show you a list with the first item being Click on the link next to it that says "Show Google's cache of".

  • Try a different site prefix. Instead of going to, try going to

  • Try using circumventor, a program that gets around the site filter.

  • Go to the hottest girl you know and ask her to find your network administrator (they are usually lonely geeks). Tell her to flirt with him and seduce him into removing the network restriction that is keeping you from accessing MySpace. Ha!

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Tattoos And MySpace

MySpace TattoosIf you like Tattoos and you are into MySpace, you are in luck! There is a ton of MySpacer's that have dedicated their pages to the ancient art of Tattoo. Some of my personal favorites are:

Enjoy and feel free to add to the list!~

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How To Add Any Google Video To MySpace

Google Video has some really great videos. From the Jesus Will Survive video to street skate videos to people acting silly in front of web cams. Well one cool thing you can do to your MySpace is add video and you can add any Google Video to your MySpace! To do so, all you have to do is the following:

1. Login to your MySpace page.
2. Edit "About Me" page.
3. Paste the following code into your template:

4. Where the code says embed src=", enter the address of the Google Video that you want to include. This code will embed the Jesus Will Survive video.

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Matisyahu on MySpace

Jewish Reggae? At first the idea sounds kind of crazy, but all I can say is Matisyahu is super dope! Matisyahu is a hasidic jewish rapper from Brooklyn who is generating a ton of buzz lately. He can rap like the best of them and his sound is fresh. Reggae music has always been pretty spiritual so it makes sense for Matisyahu to use reggae to spread his word. If you haven't heard him yet, check Matisyahu out on MySpace.

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...System of a Down on MySpace

System of a Down is such an incredibly talented band with an out there sound. I was thrilled to come across System Of A Down's MySpace. They give away all sorts of stuff on MySpace from videos to song downloads. I highly recommend checking them out...
System of a Down

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...Wilco on MySpace

Wilco is a great band who seem to have taken over the world in the last year. I love their style of Rock N Roll. It was a sweet day when I discovered that Wilco is a MySpace band. So stop by Wilco's MySpace and have a listen to some of their stuff, you'll love it!

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...Beck on MySpace

Beck is one of my favorite musicians. He never ceases to reinvent himself in new and cool ways. This is especially true on his new album Guerolito which you can streem on MySpace.

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...Best Blonde Joke Ever

O my god here is the most hilarious blonde joke I've ever heard... So much so that I had to blog about it!!!

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...Some More Killer MySpace Themes

I've stumbled upon a couple more great sites with thousands of MySpace themes, images, and other goodies, enjoy....

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...MySpace Toolbar

One thing that is frustrating about using MySpace is that sometimes it takes a long time to update my blog, edit my profile, browse for friends, access the mailbox and everything else. This is because everybody and their brother uses MySpace. There is a solution for that called the MySpace toolbar. This thing kicks major butt. You can do everything you would want to do in MySpace all from the convenience of a nice browser toolbar. You can download the MySpace toolbar for free here. To quote the makers of the MySpace Toolbar:

Tired of not being able to quickly navigate through the Myspace website? We have made a toolbar to enhance an already good Myspace website. The Myspace toolbar has many cool features and functions that every Myspace user will find helpful to them! This toolbar was made by Myspace users for Myspace users. So please feel free to try our FREE toolbar! Also be sure to tell your friends on Myspace! Myspace login: This gives you the ability to login to your Myspace account FAST without having to wait.
Myspace Browse : Browse for new friends, view your favorites, invite friends or view your invite history.
Myspace Mail : Quickly access your Mailbox, inbox, trash or sent mail
Myspace Rank: Rank pictures, view the top 25 men, women or songs. View the most rated men or women. Add your pictures to get ranked, Add your songs or view your ranking score.
Myspace Blog : Post, send to friends or customize your blog.
Myspace Bulletin : Post, view bulletin posts or view posts you have done.
Myspace View Friends: Everyone loves a friend, well view yours now!
Myspace Edit Profile: Change your profile with ease.
Myspace HTML Code Helper : We have a custom tutorial to explain how to customize your Myspace page. Along with sample myspace code and where to add it. Use Myspace HTML to make your profile yours now!
Myspace Account Settings : Change your account settings to customize your Myspace experience.
Google Search: Access search results from the webs leading search engine. Along with image search, groups, directory, news and froogle.
Word Highlight: Click the highlight button and it will quickly highlight the word, or words that you wish to search for on the page you are at.
Lots of customized options : We love features and hope you do too, because we have added a Toolbar Options section to this toolbar. It will allow you to customize the look and functionality of your own toolbar. Make it yours!

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...Bigoo is da hookup!

If you haven't checked out Bigoo yet and you use MySpace, stop reading this and get over there right now. I've never seen so much MySpace schwag in one place. They've got wallpapers, pictures, animations, cursors, layouts, you name it. I especially dig this Sesame Street mob seen photo, thanks Bigoo!

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... The First Annual MySpace Stupid Haircut Awards!

I've seen some bad haircuts on MySpace, but these ones take the cake! Demanda is especially goolish and freaky:

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...Free Game Codes

Here are some free flash game codes for embedding games into your MySpace, geek out!

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...Download Any Song on MySpace

With a little bit of XML manipulation, it is quite easy to download any song from MySpace in .mp3 format. My favorite thing about MySpace is listening to music so I find this hack to be very dope. Here is the skinny on how to do it.

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Welcome to MySpace Hacks!

Looking for a dope MySpace layout so your friends don't think your lame? Look no further! This site contains some of the freshest layouts and hacks for tweaking your MySpace. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

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...Personalize MySpace and Feel the Coolness

I've collected tons of sites that have free themes for your MySpace. Here is a list of some of them. More to come soon!

1. Glitter Graphics - some cool themes and cursors.
2. Create Blog - some really cool layouts.
3. - layouts, tutorials and a theme editor that allows you to preview a theme as you create it.
4. Thomas' Myspace theme editor
5. Backgrounds Archive - has some great backgrounds for MySpace
6. Jesse's Gallery of MySpace themes.
8. Rising Conviction - themes and codes.
9. 123 MySpace
10. The Tweak - tweak your MySpace
11. My Spacer - another cool theme editor and page counter.
12. Themes by Austin1990
13. MySpace Layout Codes
14. Blogring MySpace Forum - Some tweaked out MySpace's that people have shared.
15. Dave's MySpace themes
16. MySpace Clipart - is another great resource for themes.

That should do it for now. As a word of caution, always preview your themes before saving them because they can cause some really messed up stuff to happen to your MySpace. I will post more theme sites as they draw my attention. Stay tuned!

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