...Personalize MySpace and Feel the Coolness

I've collected tons of sites that have free themes for your MySpace. Here is a list of some of them. More to come soon!

1. Glitter Graphics - some cool themes and cursors.
2. Create Blog - some really cool layouts.
3. Freecodesource.com - layouts, tutorials and a theme editor that allows you to preview a theme as you create it.
4. Thomas' Myspace theme editor
5. Backgrounds Archive - has some great backgrounds for MySpace
6. Jesse's Gallery of MySpace themes.
7. myspace-themes.com
8. Rising Conviction - themes and codes.
9. 123 MySpace
10. The Tweak - tweak your MySpace
11. My Spacer - another cool theme editor and page counter.
12. Themes by Austin1990
13. MySpace Layout Codes
14. Blogring MySpace Forum - Some tweaked out MySpace's that people have shared.
15. Dave's MySpace themes
16. MySpace Clipart - is another great resource for themes.

That should do it for now. As a word of caution, always preview your themes before saving them because they can cause some really messed up stuff to happen to your MySpace. I will post more theme sites as they draw my attention. Stay tuned!


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