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Finding a place to put all of your images can be a pain, especially if you have a ton of them. Myspace has gotten alot better about allowing you to upload more images to your profile, but for the hardcore Myspacer it isn't nearly enough. Here is a roundup of free services you can use to upload and share your images on Myspace:

Flickr is my personal favorite service for organizing and sharing all of my photos. You can create a free account to upload your photos and then link to or display them on Myspace.

photobucket logo

Photobucket is another great image hosting service that also offers a free version. You can upload on Gigabyte of photos for free which is far more than the average person could ever use.

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ImageShack is a photo hosting service that has a toolbar you can embed in your browser for easy sharing and uploading.

Webshots is back and I've heard that their new and improved web 2.0 version is great. It too has a free version thaty you can use to share your images. logo also offer up to one Gigabyte of free hosting. has a tool that makes it super easy to upload and get the code to embed in your profile.


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