Filesharing Meets Myspace With Exaroom

Exaroom is a new social network that has a really cool widget that you can use to share files. All you have to do is sign up for an account, install a utility on your desktop (telling it which folder you want to share) and paste the embed code in your profile and there you go... Your profile visitors now have access to your shared files. Here is an example of what the widget looks like. Check it out!

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Create Cool Scrolling LED Signs With Signbot

Signbot does a good job of getting your point across while getting your retro juices flowing at the same time with a scrolling LED sign. Something about a scrolling LED not only gets my undivided attention, but says to the world "my words are so important that I had to put them in a scrolling red LED billboard for you to see!". Check it out!

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Trick Out Your Comments With CoolComment

CoolComment is a great desktop application that you can use to create comments. It lets you maintain a glitter gallery from which to easily select images for comments. CoolComment also lets you format your comments and customize them in tons of ways. Check it out!

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Get Your Karaoke On With SingShot

All you American Idol wannabes listen up. SingShot is an excellent website for any karaoke lover. You provide the computer and the microphone and let SingShot do the rest. SingShot allows you to create, listen to and vote on recordings. The recording interface is great featuring thousands of tracks to record your voice over and the lyrics captioning works just like the one at your favorite karaoke bar. I find that I sound even better after a couple of drinks. Once you create your swan song, SingShot gives you the embed code to display your song on your Myspace. Check it out!

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Display Your Rhapsody Music On Myspace

I've posted about Sigamp which allows you to share your iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, Foobar2000 and Yahoo Music Enginelistenings on your profile, but Sigamp doesn't seem to play well with Rhapsody. Enter RhapSIGody. RhapSIGody is a customizable widget that allows you to create a signature that displays the tracks you are listening to in Rhapsody. I love Rhapsody because for less than $10/month, I have access to almost any album that I can think of. Check it out!

Artist: Loretta Lynn
Track: Van Lear Rose
Album: Van Lear Rose

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Watch The Entire Borat Movie On Myspace

Some kid has posted the entire Borat movie on Myspace! The quality is decent and the price is right (free, yay!) so check it out before Myspace gets wise and removes it. I just watched it and I have to say that it is pretty damn funny, surely a must see.
Borat Part One
Borat Part Two

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Unleash Your Inner DJ With Jamglue

I've been having tons of fun mixing, remixing and listening to tracks over at Jamglue is a social networking website for remixing music. You could consider it the Youtube of remix. Anyone can create a free account and mix, remix and create tracks. It takes no DJ skills to get started and is instantly fun. The flash interface for the mixer is very slick and intuitive. The more people that start coming together and contributing tracks and remixing, the better the music will be. Then once you've unleashed your inner musician/producer you can embed your mixes in your myspace profile like this:

The Ballad of Haggity WagBag by fluffy

Here's a screenshot of the mixer interface:

jamglue screenshot

Once you signup for your Jamglue account go ahead and add me as a friend and we can share mixes. Very cool!

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Geo Text Generator

Regular readers of Myspace Hacks will know that text generators are somewhat of an obsession around here. Some text generators are funny, some are nice to look at and some are just plain cool. One of the coolest text generators out there is called geoGreeting which uses google maps to create text from arial photos of buildings and other object in the landscape. The letters are suprisingly easy to read considering they are nothing more than photographs of buildings with no graphical enhancements. Check it out!

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Guest Post: Top five MySpace widgets

So many widgets, so little time. Here Hacking MySpace ( author John Pospisil lists his five favorite MySpace widgets.

SpringWidgets RSS reader ( ) - this is a great, customisable widget that allows you to display RSS feeds from one or more blogs on your MySpace profile. While there are a number of RSS widgets around, this is the only one I've found that works with MySpace (do get in touch if you know of more). This is a great way of automatically presenting fresh content on your MySpace profile.

YourSpins ( ) is a nice variation of the music code web site in that it allows you to remix professional audio tracks, and then play your remixed tracks on your MySpace profile. The online interface is great. If you want to feature music on your MySpace profile that has your own creative stamp, give YourSpins a try.

Geovisitors ( - ever wondered whether visitors to your MySpace profile come from? When you click on this little widget, a map is displayed that shows where recent visitors to your profile are geographically located. Simple, but cool.

Cooqy ( ) - Cooqy offers a Widget Wizard that allows you to create widgets that allow you to showcase your eBay auctions on your MySpace profile. It does cost money ($9.95 per month for up to 500 items) after the 30-day trial, though the Seller Showcase widget is free

Bubblesnaps ( ) - photo hosting web sites are a dime in a dozen, but what makes Bubblesnaps unique is that you add speech and thought balloons to your images, allowing you to inject a little humor or color into your photos. A very well-though-out interface makes this site very easy to use.

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Edit Photos Online With Mypictr

mypictr logoMypictr is an excellent little web application that lets you crop and resize and optimize your photos for Myspace. It is especially well suited for creating avatar images with tons of other uses as well. Mypictr is completely free to use and has a slick interface. Check it out!

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