Unleash Your Inner DJ With Jamglue

I've been having tons of fun mixing, remixing and listening to tracks over at Jamglue.com. Jamglue is a social networking website for remixing music. You could consider it the Youtube of remix. Anyone can create a free account and mix, remix and create tracks. It takes no DJ skills to get started and is instantly fun. The flash interface for the mixer is very slick and intuitive. The more people that start coming together and contributing tracks and remixing, the better the music will be. Then once you've unleashed your inner musician/producer you can embed your mixes in your myspace profile like this:

The Ballad of Haggity WagBag by fluffy

Here's a screenshot of the mixer interface:

jamglue screenshot

Once you signup for your Jamglue account go ahead and add me as a friend and we can share mixes. Very cool!

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  • I really don't get why everyone uses my snarky "Ballad of Haggity WagBag" as an example for embedding.

    I'm flattered, mind you, I just don't get the undying appeal to it!

    By Blogger fluffy, at 7:46 AM  

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