Just what MySpace was missing, Flickr

Angry Dog
I hate how I can't upload very many pictures to my myspace profile. Not only that, but it is such a pain to view people's pictures. Enter Flickr, the best web application out there for sharing photographs. I was able to encorporate my flickr account with my myspace profile using a flickr badge. I can share thousands of pictures on myspace using my flickr account.

Until myspace creates a better way to sharing photos, I'm going with this. Its pretty slick, you should check it out!

You can create your flickr badge here.

You can see my flickr badge in action on my profile here.

Here is what it looks like:

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How To Stop MySpace From Logging You Out

I get tired of logging in to myspace again everytime I want to look at someone's photos or send messages or add friends. Here is a way to stay logged into myspace. Enjoy!

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Another way to access myspace at school

Man, what a drag it must be to have fascist network administrators who block access to certain sites. What a disgrace, censorship in its worst form! Somebody should remind them that we live in a democracy here in the USA. I keep posting ways to access myspace from school and they eventually get blocked. Its a cat and mouse game. Well I will continue to post new ways and new proxy services that allow you to unblock myspace at school or work. The latest is ProxyLord which is a great proxy for anonymously surfing myspace from even if it is blocked on your network. Check it out here!

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How To Add Text Messages To MySpace

Text Messaging + MySpace = Connected! Here is a killer way to stay connected to your myspace friends. What you do is add a little textbox and button to your myspace profile that allows people to text message you directly from myspace. Its very easy to set up. All you have to do is go to textforfree.net and fill out your phone number and service provider and it will give you the code to add to your profile. Then you login to your myspace account and paste the code in either the "about me" or "people i'd like to meet" area of your profile.
Text Message

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