MySpace Deaths

Life is temporary, myspace is forever! Or so it seems looking at the myspace profiles of people who have set up myspace accounts and then died. Its kinda freaky seeing the messages on their profiles. Basically when you die, your myspace becomes a digital shrine. Check it out at, its sort of morbidly cool.

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Another Killer MySpace Layout

The default layout for myspace is so hideous, if you want to get tons of new friends and stand out from the rest you need to have a nice looking layout. I found the following killer layouts that really made my profile look dope. You can download them from the links below. To see how I've used this layout with my profile, check it out here and add me to your friends list cause I'm always looking to hook up with other myspacers!

Download the css code to paste into your "About Me" and "People I'd Like To Meet" areas of your profile here.

See the authors use of the layout.

Thanks 5thirtyone!

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Unblock MySpace

Here is a great proxy for accessing myspace if your network is blocking it. It allows you to login to myspace and do everything you'd be able to do if was not blocked. This proxy was developed specificly for myspace. What's even better is that it is disguised as an educational site (just click on the Abe Lincoln thumbnail to get to the proxy.)

Abraham Lincoln

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Whitespace Theme

For those of you who want to unclutter myspace, here is a theme that you can use to do that. You will need to customize the profile, but the layout is there. This one is a great starting point for those of you looking to customize your myspace. Thanks Whiphey!

Here are some screenshots on Flickr.

Get the CSS code here.

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