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trakzorTrakzor just released version 2.0 of their application for tracking your myspace profile views. Trakzor gives you tons of statistics about your visitors so you can know exactly who is browsing your profile. It works well and is a great way to tell who is scoping out you out. Check it out!

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Trakzor is a community driven MySpace Tracker that is available to anyone and everyone on MySpace. Installation is free and easy. You can be up and tracking your profile guests in minutes!

All you have to do is place an image on your MySpace profile, accompanied by a link or two, and you're good to go. You'll be able to see when someone visits your profile, where they are from, and if that person has already registered at Trakzor, you'll be able to identify that person specifically!

So, spread the word and make sure all your friends are using Trakzor too!


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