A Better Way To Manage Friends & Comments

It can be a pain to manage your Myspace friends, especially if you have alot of them. If you have more than a hundred friends you can spend a ton of time hunting through your friends list to find one of them when you want to send a message. And if you ever want to find a message that you sent in the past, forget it! Thats where MyWhatSpace comes in handy. MyWhatSpace is a little app that allows you to group your friends and send messages to them (either to the entire group or a single friend) and it keeps track of the messages you've sent so you can go over them. Here is the info from their website:

MyWhatSpace is simply a free tool that allows you to send comments or messages to as many of your myspace friends as you want, at the same time. No more staying up until indecent hours of the night trying to write a message to every last one of your friends, thats not cool. You can even create groups of friends like 'friends in town', 'friends out of town', 'poker buddies', '3am drunk diles'...anything! It really does make life a lot easier, so enjoy.

So check it out!


  • Program does not work completely yet. I have 1200+ Friends, and it was not able to load them. The first time I tried, it just died. The second time I got an error. The 3rd time it said it retrieved them all, but only showed me around 1/2 of my Friends. The 4th time, I removed the program from my computer.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:40 PM  

  • This program does not work. The first time it tried to load my Friends (1,200+), it stopped in the middle. The 2nd time, it stopped part way through with an error. The 3rd time it said that it had retrieved all my Friends, but only showed me about 1/2 of them. The 4th time, I removed the program from my computer.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:41 PM  

  • Interestingly I had similar problems to Anonymous, the program just didn't seem able to connect to MySpace.



    By Anonymous John Pospisil, at 2:14 AM  

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