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If you haven't already checked out the MySpace cell phone Helio, prepare to be impressed. The Helio has complete MySpace integration allowing you access to all your MySpace functionality including posting photos, accessing your friends profiles, searching for new friends, posting messages, reading and sending mail and for the most part anything else you can do on MySpace. Its also cool because you can get the service without a contract using this promotion. Here is the 411 from Helio's website:

Away from your PC but want to stay connected to your friends? Only MySpace on Helio lets you post photo bulletins directly from your Helio device, compose MySpace Mail, view your friends’ pages, post comments and add new friends when you’re out on the town.

MySpace integration isn't the only feature that Helio offers, it also lets you surf the web, stream audio and video, play mp3s (70mb memory), take photos (4x zoom, 2 megapixels) play games, get news feeds and.... Make phone calls!

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