Myspace Open Source Hacking Initiative

If you're interested in creating a custom layout and your not afraid to hack on your profile, check thist out.... Lately I've been reading a great blog called Myspace Civilized which has tons of great tutorials on how to customize your layout. The author started a project on the Google Code Repository called MOSHI which stands for the Myspace Open Source Hacking Initiative. MOSHI is basically a very clean, easy to use stylesheet for your profile. Anybody can download the code and contribute to MOSHI and its free to use. You can get the code here.


  • Hi, I started the moshi site and just wanted to thank you for the link and the kind words about the moshi stylesheet. Though the stylesheet does just about everything I set it out to have it do, it still feels a bit cluttered to me so my next goal will be to try to clean it up as much as possible (though that may not end up being much!)

    Speaking of open source, I'd like to welcome readers of this site to contribute to the myspace 95 thesis wiki.


    By Blogger Tom, at 9:51 AM  

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